The all-in plan for you and your family

Here's a breakdown of what you're getting with this all-in ONE Ultra plan!

3 Postpaid lines with Unlimited 5G/4G Internet

Get 1 principal line and 2 extra family lines with the ONE Ultra all-in plan. Perfect to stay connected with your family.

300 Mbps Ultra-fast Fibre with WiFi 6 Router

Elevate your home Internet experience with ONE Ultra. Comes with a WiFi 6 Router and FREE installation. Less hassle and easy application for your home.

Comes with Disney+ Hotstar PREMIUM Subscription

Stream a variety of your favourite Disney+ Hotstar Original shows and movies, all in one place with ONE Ultra. Perfect for you and your family.

Watch all our titles
Download selected content
max 10 mobile devices
On Phone / Tablet / Laptop / TV
Create up to 7 profiles
Concurrent streaming
Max. device logins
Max. video quality*
Up to 4K
  • * Video and audio quality subject to Internet service, device/browser capabilities, content and subscription type.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the CelcomDigi ONE Ultra Plan?
I am currently on a contract with Celcom, Digi or CelcomDigi Postpaid plan, can I change my plans to the new CelcomDigi ONE Ultra plan?
How do I enjoy the 2 CelcomDigi Family Plus lines included in the CelcomDigi ONE Ultra plan?