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CelcomDigi Fibre | Easy sign up

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CelcomDigi Fibre | Easy sign up

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CelcomDigi Fibre | Easy sign up

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Sell your used devices online

CompAsia is the first app in Malaysia which allows you to get an accurate quotation for your used smartphones within 60 seconds. A convenient courier service picks up your phone and cash is deposited directly into your bank account.

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How it works

Step 1

Log into your CompAsia App.

Step 2

Run a full diagnostic of your device to validate its condition.

Step 3

Upon completion, the quotation will be generated. Proceed with the order if you agree with the amount.

Step 4

Once the order has been placed, wait for confirmation. You will then receive the agreed-upon payment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the trade-in of devices about?
Who is eligible to trade-in devices?
Where can I trade-in my devices?鈥