Experience the Magic of Honor AI Motion Sensing Capture, only on Easy360鈥

Discover the magic of HONOR Magic6 Pro, a luxurious masterpiece with top-notch camera, exceptional performance, stunning display quality, all powered by ultra-fast 5G Internet.

Enjoy FREE 1 Year Extended Warranty鈥 and 365-day Front and Back Crack Replacement worth RM898

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HONOR Magic6 Pro Best Features鈥

HONOR Falcon Camera System鈥
180MP Periscope Telephoto Camera鈥
HONOR NanoCrystal Shield鈥
Super Dynamic Self-Adjusting Aperture

The Magic of HONOR Falcon Camera鈥

Instant Capture Never Miss a Second of Fun鈥

Based on 8 million Movement Samples, covering 10 types Sports Category, HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture can automatically capture more exciting sport moments.

A World of Magic, All in Your Masterpiece

Dynamic in a new level, the captured masterpiece pronounces rich details, pure colors, and a bundle of natural beauty

Intriguing Like Brilliant Stars

Turn ordinary lights into celestial wonders with starburst photography, adding a touch of enchantment to your snapshots.鈥

Beyond The Eyes Could Reach

The 50MP ultra-HD with 122掳 ultra-wide angle that portrays a wide field of view without compromising the rich details, making the captured scenery stunning as ever.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Power Unleashed!鈥

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform delivers exceptional gaming experiences and is packed with advancements that redefine powerful performance. Thanks to the Qualcomm庐 AI Engine, the AI features on the HONOR Magic6 Pro are supported with exceptional fluency and stability, achieving a remarkable 98% improvement as compared to previous models.鈥

HONOR Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery鈥

The all-new HONOR Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery with built-in HONOR E1 Power Enhanced Chip and HONOR Power Management System, a battery management chipset for energy efficiency enhancement, significantly improving the battery experience in cold environment. Just enjoy the winter.鈥

HONOR Magic6 Pro now available from RM60/month

including freebies worth RM898 with unlimited 5G/4G Internet and get a RM10 monthly rebate, only on Easy360.

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